Current Issue

Volume 43, 6


Revisiting urban public space through the lens of the 2020 global lockdown

By Jason Luger & Loretta Lees

Research Article

Osmosis across defensible space: observations and lessons from dérives in London during COVID-19

By Elanor Warwick & Loretta Lees

Research Article

Longing for everyday life. Experiencing COVID-19 social isolation in a Latin American city

By Juliana Marcús et al.

Research Article

Black insurgent aesthetics and the public imaginary

By Brandi T. Summers

Research Article

Activist performances on edge: spatial politics after the end of public space

By Rebecca Struch

Research Article

Theme park follies: the publics of art biennials in Dakar and Taipei

By Julie Ren

Research Article

“What is ours to do?” Connection during a pandemic’s time of shelter-in-place

By Mindy Thompson Fullilove et al.

Research Article

Re-producing public space: the changing everyday production of outdoor retail markets

By MMP et al.

Research Article

Simulating the “city of joy”: state choreography and the re-appropriation of public spaces in Kolkata

By Sukanya Chakrabarti

Research Article

No common cause? The spaces of urban collective identity

By AbdouMaliq Simone


Variations on Variations: placing public space in context

By Sharon Zukin


Coda: reflections on public and private space in a post-Covid world

By Anna Minton

Research Article

The urban class structure: class change and spatial divisions from a multidimensional class perspective

By Gijs Custers & Godfried Engbersen

Urban Pulse

“Let them sing!” The paradoxes of gender mainstreaming in urban policy and urban scholarship

By Elsa Koleth & Cristina Temenos