Current Issue

Volume 43, 4

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 Urban Geography Workhop Award has been awarded to Dr Julie Miao, Prof Nicholas Phelps and Prof Michele Acuto for their proposed event on 'Creativity and the Built Environment Nexus'

Urban Geography Workshop: Creativity and the Built Environment Nexus

This workshop aims to bridge disciplinary divides in critically debating the reciprocal relationship between creativity and the built environment. It will do so by including scholars and practitioners from Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Construction, Property/Real Estate, Economics, Urban Studies, Geography, and Sociology to theorizing and operationalizing the creativity-built environment interfaces across multiple scales, geographies, methodologies, and temporalities. Four mega-themes on Economy; Society; Environment; and Health help to structure such interdisciplinary and international conversations. The workshop series will take place over two days in four progressing components, hosted by the multi-disciplinary built environment community at the University of Melbourne.

Organisers: A/Prof Julie Miao, Prof Nicholas Phelps and Prof Michele Acuto

Host institution: Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne